Our goal is to improve access to education and other opportunities, predominantly focused on individuals who have been systematically disadvantaged. We welcome proposals centered on thriving, surviving, or growth, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

Mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution
Women and minorities in STEM
Women and minorities in the law
LGBTQIA+ populations
Abortion, contraception, & reproductive justice
Food & housing justice
Diabetes prevention and research
Disability services

In its first year the foundation reviewed four applications and funded one. We’ve slowly expanded and now fund 20+ organizations a year. As of 2020, we are expanding our request limit, and now grants can request up to 50,000 dollars — although most funded requests are at a lower dollar amount. Award size will be based on need, guidelines fit, and the amount of funding available in our budget. We will consider co-funding with other organizations. All grants are made for charitable purposes in accordance with IRS regulations.

To apply please submit the information requested using the form and e-mail the file to apply@jamesbboskeymemorial.org

Deadlines: requests for funds for the following year must be received before November 1st. Grants are reviewed in late November, and awarded in December. At the present time, awards can only be made for one year.

Political or lobbying activities
Building, giving, or capital campaigns
Fundraising events
Indirect costs